8 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Chinese Smartphone

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Chinese Smartphone

With the leading smartphone manufacturers being Chinese, it is important to learn about some tip before buying a Chinese flagship smartphone.


Alt text: 8 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Chinese Smartphone

There are many consumer electronics that have “made in China’ label on them. Due to aggressive competition in the smartphone market, not long ago, many Chinese manufacturers began designing and manufacturing smartphones.

There are certain companies producing quality phones. These companies are Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. providing a good value for your money due to their specs and prices. Many of these smartphones are available online at Kaymu where they are offered at affordable rates.

Here are certain things you must keep in mind before buying a Chinese smartphone. You must be mindful of the pitfalls as well as the amazing features of these phones. Let’s have a look at these essential tips.

Search about your handset

Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone

Often, the reality is harder than you believe. It is hard to find reliable reviews about less-popular companies. Search for phones that appeal you, including Xiaomi Mi5 and Meizu Pro 6, make a budget and then focus on their specs and features.

4G or not?

Chinese 4G phones

Everyone wants to have a smartphone with blatant internet connectivity and speed. So when buying a phone, you must note which LTE bands are supported by your required smartphone.

Avoiding update doldrums

Chinese android phones

You must buy a Chinese smartphone that regularly updates its software. These phones mostly have android softwares that bring in new versions into the phone at high speeds. Look for manufacturers who allow software update so that the customers can use wide range of applications.

After-sales benefit


Alt text: Chinese Smartphone

After-sales support means that in the event of any problems arising in the phone, the company must be able to help its customers. Therefore check that the parts and expertise of the Chinese phone is available in any part of the world. After-sales service of Oppo phones is available in many parts of Asia, including Bangladesh.

Select a vendor

Huawei China smartphone

Many smartphone manufacturers sell their phones through online portals. Meizu and Xiaomi phones are available online at BAGDOOM.com at attractive rates. Do a thorough research on the vendors and read the reviews before placing your order. Also look if they have a delivery option.

Allowing ROM

Huawei Smartphone

Due to cyber security, many Chinese smartphones do not have Google apps installed in them. They instead offer ROM software within the Android platform. So check if the international ROM is available within your required phone and avoid any malware or unnecessary applications.

Customs charge

Chinese phone

When a phone is being shipped from China, the customers must be aware of the customs policy. It may often takes weeks for the phone to be delivered and the cost may rise due to customs duty.

Setting upOppo smartphone

When you have carefully looked at all the features, the final thing to make the phone usable is to change its language to English. Then install the Google Play store and download a number of apps on your phone.

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