Admission Test Result for March 2017 MD MS – BSMMU

Admission Test Result  March 2017 BSMMU

For Residency Program March 2017 MD/MS courses in Residency Program under Faculty of Medicine, Surgery, Basic Science & Paraclinical Science and Dentistry.

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Select your discipline for view result :

Faculty of Basic Science & Para Clinical ScienceMDBiochemistry
Faculty of Basic Science & Para Clinical ScienceMDLaboratory Medicine
Faculty of Basic Science & Para Clinical ScienceMDMicrobiology
Faculty of Basic Science & Para Clinical ScienceMDPathology
Faculty of Basic Science & Para Clinical ScienceMDPharmacology
Faculty of Basic Science & Para Clinical ScienceMDPhysiology
Faculty of Basic Science & Para Clinical ScienceMDVirology
Faculty of Basic Science & Para Clinical ScienceMSAnatomy
Faculty of DentistryMSConservative Dentistry & Endodontics
Faculty of DentistryMSOral and Maxi. Surgery
Faculty of DentistryMSOrthodontics
Faculty of DentistryMSPedodontics
Faculty of DentistryMSProsthodontics
Faculty of MedicineMDCardiology
Faculty of MedicineMDChild & Adolescent Psychiatry
Faculty of MedicineMDDermatology and Venereology
Faculty of MedicineMDEndocrinology and Metabolism
Faculty of MedicineMDGastroenterology
Faculty of MedicineMDHaematology
Faculty of MedicineMDHepatology
Faculty of MedicineMDInternal Medicine
Faculty of MedicineMDMedical Oncology
Faculty of MedicineMDNeonatology
Faculty of MedicineMDNephrology
Faculty of MedicineMDNeurology
Faculty of MedicineMDNuclear Medicine
Faculty of MedicineMDOncology
Faculty of MedicineMDPaediatric Cardiology
Faculty of MedicineMDPaediatric Gastroenterology
Faculty of MedicineMDPaediatric Hematology and Oncology
Faculty of MedicineMDPaediatric Nephrology
Faculty of MedicineMDPaediatric Neurology & Neuro Development
Faculty of MedicineMDPaediatrics
Faculty of MedicineMDPalliative Medicine
Faculty of MedicineMDPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Faculty of MedicineMDPsychiatry
Faculty of MedicineMDPulmonology
Faculty of MedicineMDRadiation Oncology
Faculty of MedicineMDRheumatology
Faculty of MedicineMDTransfusion Medicine
Faculty of SurgeryMDAnaesthesiology
Faculty of SurgeryMDCritical Care Medicine
Faculty of SurgeryMDRadiology and Imaging
Faculty of SurgeryMSCardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery
Faculty of SurgeryMSColorectal Surgery
Faculty of SurgeryMSCommunity Opthalmology
Faculty of SurgeryMSFeto-Maternal Medicine
Faculty of SurgeryMSGeneral Surgery
Faculty of SurgeryMSGynaecological Oncology
Faculty of SurgeryMSHepatobiliary Surgery
Faculty of SurgeryMSNeurosurgery
Faculty of SurgeryMSObstetrics and Gynaecology
Faculty of SurgeryMSOphthalmology
Faculty of SurgeryMSOrthopaedic Surgery
Faculty of SurgeryMSOtolaryngology
Faculty of SurgeryMSPaediatric Surgery
Faculty of SurgeryMSPlastic Surgery
Faculty of SurgeryMSReproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Faculty of SurgeryMSSurgical Oncology
Faculty of SurgeryMSThoracic Surgery
Faculty of SurgeryMSUrology
Faculty of SurgeryMSVascular Surgery

Download All Result (March 2017 MD/ MS) PDF in One Zip File

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