Al Hedaya Academy – Quran based English Version School

A little note:

Being attracted by the pompous materialistic western education many of us have become reluctant to the ideal education of Quran at the age of 21st century. But we should not forget that to make our children a real Muslim, Quranic school is a lot more essential besides world education and aiming at, we started our journey. We heartily sought your real assistance to bring the institution to its ultimate goal.

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Al Hedaya Academy – Quran based English Version School

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Al Hedaya Academy – Quran based English Version School

Al Hedaya Academy Governing Body:

  • Hafez Mawlana Zakir Hossain
    • (Debond, India) Principal (Eso Quran sikhi, Shahinbag)
  • Abdullah Al Mamun
    • (M.A in English)
    • Coordinator (Int. Islamic Academy. Gulshan)
  • Md Refyet Ali
    • (M.Com, M.B.A)
    • Admin (Int. Islamic Academy Gulshan)

Al Hedaya Academy Admission policy:


January to December. Non-Residential

Play to Grade One

Admission – 5000 Tuition Fees- 1000 Grade Two to Grade Five

Admission- 6000 Tuition Fees- 1300 Day Care

Admission- 6000 Tuition Fees- 3000 Residential (Hiszul Quran)

Admission- 5,000 Tuition Fees- 5,500 Maktab (Open for all schools) Admission- 800 Tuition Fees- 500

Books, stationaries & Dresses: School/parents

Al Hedaya Academy Mission and Vision:

Make the Students true Muslim under Islamic and Shariah environment. The effective blending of modern and Islamic education. Nurani, Najera is compulsory, and Hiszul Quran is optional. National curriculum and other quality books are taught. Special care for English, Math & Science. Ensure quality education, proper Aqida and Islamic knowledge over Quran, Sunnah and enriched Eman through Emani speech and Tarbiah. We endeavored to make the students pious and dayee. Our plan is run the academy in Secondary level with hostel facilities.

Al Hedaya Academy Features:

Teach the students with experienced pious teacher in the Islamic environment. Separate boys and girls section. Quran class is conducted by experienced Hafez & Hafeza in a tidy environment. Classwork is done in the class. Extra care is given for weak and inattentive Students. Practicing Bengali & English handwriting in the class. Arabic grammar is taught in accordance with class. Game sports and Islamic cultural programs are practiced round the year. Spoken English & Arabic is practiced in the class. Conducting Maktab & Hifzul Quran for the Students of other School. Daycare system is ensured in motherly Care. | School Van facilities. The secured environment is assured in isolated own building.

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