AOMEI Oculus Mover Free 2.0 Review

Have you ever suffered from low disk problem due to the Oculus Rift games? AOMEI Oculus Mover Free is the latest software which aims at moving all your Oculus Rift games in the Oculus installation directory to some other drive. You can move the games to the directory of your choice to free up the limited storage space in the Oculus Games directory. Thus, a lot of disk space will be spared out in source drive for another usage, maybe for saving future Oculus Rift VR games or Oculus Rift upcoming games.

AOMEI Oculus Mover Free 2.0 Review

If you want to move Oculus to another drive is to do it with mklink, you have to open “Command Promote (Admin)” and type in mklink commands with the traditional way. With the help of Oculus Mover, you can easily move Oculus games or applications from one drive to another, instead of typing in mklink commands. It’s a cool tool for you!


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AOMEI vrBackupper

AOMEI vrBackupper is a completely free yet easy-to-use tool, which is designed to backup and restore Oculus Rift installation together with games, apps, and configuration. Besides, you can move Oculus Rift installation directory to other drives instead of system drive to avoid C drive low disk space problem. AOMEI vrBackupper can make Oculus be started and work normally after restoration or move. AOMEI vrBackupper is the first backup program that designed to safely backup, restore and migrate Oculus Rift.


AOMEI Oculus Mover can move Oculus Rift games and applications from its original drive (usually system C Disk) to another drive with much free space. AOMEI Oculus Mover ensures Oculus’ normal work once you move Oculus installation directory to another drive. If you want to a partition software, you can consider another tool AOMEI Partition Assistant. If you want any question about AOMEI Oculus Mover Free 2.0 Review, let us know.

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