Best Smartphones Under Rs 15,000 In India (October 2019)

Best Smartphones Under Rs 15,000:

Hi there, this is Anup and let’s do the best smartphones available in India under rupees 15,000. This is a very price competitive market in India and I’m going to look at smartphones from around you could say 8000 to about 15,000 because those are the most popular in India, and we have a lot of options right now. What I’ll be looking at smartphones is that for Android engine, and all these phones are Android in this price segment and a minimum amount of RAM. I feel for Android phones to function very well it’s at least via but of RAM. so I’ll be looking at smartphones with a minimum of 3GB of RAM they should have a decent processor, decent battery life, and also the camera should be good and they should have some decent specs. So, these are my criteria and all the smartphones that I’m mentioning I have actually personally used them guys and yes, I might not have used one or two out of this lot so I will be omitting them but again I have used almost all popular smartphones.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1:

So, let’s get on with this and I was looking at smartphones under rupees 8000 first around the 8000 price point. I didn’t find any coming to this criteria there was one behalf but I haven’t used it so I can’t comment there was this recently that was launched that was known as what was that Realme see – that’s coming with three gigabytes of RAM, Helio p22 SOC but I haven’t tested it. So, I can’t comment so let’s move to the slightly higher price band that is 8500 now for eight thousand five hundred rupees we have the Asus Zenfone max pro M1 that was launched last year. That had the Snapdragon 636 SOC comes with 5000 milliampere battery metallic back and I feel at 8400 Darby’s still it’s a good values phone. it comes with stock Android but again like any phone, there are cons with the phone as the biggest con with that phone is the weak front-facing camera. And, also I feel still the fingerprint scanner is slightly on the slower side. But, yeah overall it’s good at that price phone it’s still a decent phone.

Asus Zenfone Max M2:

Next against the Asus phone that we have and this one also the price has dropped to eight thousand five hundred rupees now it is the Zenfone Max M2 this comes with the snapdragon 632 SOC and the biggest advantage I would say this has over the A2, Zenfone max pro and one which I mentioned earlier is cameras the cameras are hugely improved on this one but yeah the processor is slightly lower at Snapdragon 632.

Realme 3:

So, you can also have a look at this now if we increase our budget to about 9000 rupees. I would say the standard phone here, among the competition was this Realme 3 it comes with the what do you say Helios P 70 SOC which is actually very powerful. it’s almost as close to the snapdragon 616 SOC. so this is the phone that you get you to have that almost full of you. it’s a 720p HD display. the display quality is good and, what I really liked about this phone is that yes it’s running color OS but I didn’t notice any lag or anything with this one. This also comes with 3 GB of RAM at 9000 rupees. I like the fact that the cameras are actually good on this both the rear-facing as well as the front-facing camera. If you look at the overall picture with the performance that you’re getting with the Seaview P 70 SOC. I feel at 9000 rupees this is the best bet as of now. The biggest cons that I have with this Realme 3 phone and this is common for almost all Realme phone is that the back is actually that polycarbonate plastic back that you are getting now.

Redmi Note 7

Lets up to our budget a little bit to about 10,000 rupees. and here we have a lot of options now luckily some very good options. and first would be this what do you say what is the Xiaomi Redmi phone. and again guys before I talk about this again this all the Xiaomi Redmi phones come with who is having ads as of now. Yes, you can disable some of the ads but again you have to be a little bit tech-savvy for that. and if you are gonna use Xiaomi built-in apps you will see some ads. so again yes I won’t talk about it more but yeah I mean why will have ads if you’re not careful so at ten thousand rupees we have this Redmi Note 7. what I like about this phone is again it has a full HD screen the screen quality is it’s IPS great screen. Also, the build quality is nice and very stylish. because of this glass back my degree and that can be a con. so I would suggest if you’re buying this phone use it with the case. and what I like about this 660 SOC is a very powerful chipset. so general performance is really good. I didn’t notice any lag leanness or anything on this phone. apart from that again don’t use those show me specific apps you will see ads. and in order to the performance of this phone was very good in day to day activities. but the cons that are noticed with this phone was that the rear-facing the camera. I would say Xiaomi has given it a little bit. I don’t I think so they just wanted to sell the higher variant Redmi Note 7 pro. so the rear-facing camera is pretty average on this. and also the availability of this 3GB RAM is a question because many times I was looking at the flip card plate and it was always saying out of stock so again it’s sort of that flash sale situation.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2:

The second phone that half were added to these 10,000 is the Asus Zenfone max pro m2. which was launched a couple of months ago. and this is also a very good phone stock Android and you are getting that stock Android experience. so it’s generally very responsive and this also comes with the snapdragon 616 SOC. so the performance is actually really good and this also comes with that 5000 mAh battery so the battery life is good and definitely compared to the Zenfone max low-end on the cameras are actually hugely improved on this one. so again at 10,000 rupees if you are really particular about stock Android and stuff then you can have a look at this the biggest con I have with the Zenfone lineup is in terms of updates they are actually pretty slow. but nevertheless at 10,000 rupees now I feel the Zenfone max pro m2 is also very very good.

Nokia 5.1:

If we look at one more phone and this is sort of a runner up. I would say again you want stock Android experience and you are a Nokia fan but as the build quality on this phone is actually really good. that would be the Nokia 5.1 plus. now the price has fallen to about ten thousand or ten thousand four hundred or so it moves around so again you get the pure Android experience. The build quality is really good it comes with the Helio p60 SOC which is not as powerful as the Helio p70. but again if you wanted that Nokia phone that built quality stock Android experience you can have a look. but the call is that it comes with just an even that 10400 found replace comes with just a 720p HD HD screen. not a full HD screen and also the battery life is actually pretty average on this. I would say the weakest among all the phones that are mentioned because it just has a 3060 mAh battery. and when I tested the battery die was pretty average. but I mean that this is a runner up.

Samsung Galaxy M20:

let’s say if your prior budget is about eleven thousand and you are a Samsung fan you really want a Samsung phone for the branding or the service after service or whatever then you can have a look at the Samsung Galaxy M20. but I would not suggest this phone for gamers. because the chipset that is used on that one actually heats up a lot with gaming. but if you don’t do gaming it’s still a good phone. what I like about the galaxy m20 was that it had a good 6.3 inch full HD screen. again Samsung puts good quality screens. Also, it has that 5000 mAh battery. battery life is not an issue and we do get actually a fast charger bundled in the box. its USB type-c and also I like the fact that we also have the wide-angle lens. which is not to be found on any other phone in this price range. but again not for gamers if you are not going to do any gaming and you want that Samsung branded phone so at eleven thousand you can have a look at the Samsung Galaxy m20.

now moving to a slightly higher price at about 12000 or 13000 thousand. you can go with the other phones that I mentioned around the ten and eleven thousand price range.

Redmi Note 7 Pro:

now let’s move to if your price band is about 14000 thousand. this the most interesting phone. That, I would say we have right now and that would be again the first pick would be this Redmi Note 7 Pro. it comes with the snapdragon 635 SOC. which is a very very powerful SOC. it’s a great overall performance of the phone no lag or anything you’ll notice. It comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. and I would say the general performance of the phone is really good. Also, I did some heavy gaming on this Redmi Note 7 Pro. the rear-facing camera I would say is really good on this with the 48-megapixel camera. The last updates that I got just about a few months ago really really have improved the camera performance of this one. I can easily say that now the camera of this Redmi Note 7 Pro will easily beat even the POCO F1. Which, was my best pick last year for a camera-centric phone. if you were on a tight budget so the rear-facing camera performance has been improved drastically on this and also again it has that glass back so looks actually pretty premium. the cons are that no fast charger is bundled in the box and also that flash sale situation with this device.

Realme 3 pro:

now I’m going to another option that we have at 14,000 is this new Realme 3 pro this is also at 14,000 and this comes with the snapdragon 710 SOC. which is also again a very fast processor. A very efficient processor. the battery life is actually really good on this even the battery life on the Redmi Note 7 Pro. I like the fact that it is having what do you say of or charger has given in the box itself this is that walk charges almost the same charger that we get with Oneplus devices. so this is really really fast and also the camera performance is actually good on this device. not only the rear-facing the camera but the front-facing camera performance is also actually really good on this one. but again the cons with this one are that again that all Reame phones that plastic back here no notification LED light. I would say it’s a very good overall phone and you can’t go wrong even with this Realme 3 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy M30:

now if you are basically again a Samsung fan and I know some people really want AMOLED screen. so at 15,000, the Samsung Galaxy M30 is available. the specs are almost the same as the galaxy M20 so again what I said for the influent P applies to this. if you are a gamer just forget about this device well heats up a lot where because of the chipset. that does use but apart from that, it has a great AMOLED screen also that 5000mAh battery with a fast charger that is supplied. and actually the rear-facing camera has been improved slightly over the m20. so again decent cameras I would say but again I don’t think so the cameras of this m30 will be the cameras found on the Realme 3 Pro. but still, if you want a Samsung phone with that Samsung branding with an AMOLED screen you can have a look at the m30.

anyways, guys, that’s it for now for this buying guide below 15,000 smartphones in India. again I don’t expect a lot of new mid-range smartphones to come out in the next month or two. but again it’s the situation changes I’ll again make a guide later on after a couple of months anyways guys that’s it for now thanks.

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