Best Web Development Courses in 2020

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Hello there, passionate developers! The year 2020 is slowly marching its way forward, but that does not mean your development should be slow as well. The website industry is one of the most promising industries in the market. Flexibility, opportunities, and demand grow stronger every day, so your goal should be to keep up with the knowledge and technologies that come along. To aid you in that process, here are the best web development courses in 2020!

Best Web Development Courses in 2020

Internet is full of opportunities to learn web development, so let’s check out the best web development courses in 2020!

The Complete Web Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery

This fantastic course has all the tools to help you learn new web development skills, or polish existing ones. As it clearly states in the name, it does not require any knowledge. During the length of 335 lectures and almost 35 hours of material, it will take you from a stage of a complete beginner to a professional web developer.

During the course of this fantastic package, you will learn all the skills necessary to become a full-stack developer, write clean and concise code, and build your own web projects. Furthermore, you will learn Javascript from A to Z and have a good chance of becoming a freelance web developer.

The Web Developer Bootcamp

Another similar but equally good course is The Web Developer Bootcamp. With over 47 hours containing 402 lections, this course will help you to understand how to work with:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap4
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Node.js
  • Express.Js
  • REST
  • MongoDB
Best Web Development Courses in 2020

To become an experienced web developer, one must learn an array of different programming languages.

I don’t want to give away all the secrets, but there is a lot more to this amazing web development package. Let me just say it, there is a reason why over 500 thousand people already bought this course. See for yourself!

SEO 2020: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

Another strong skill that every developer should possess is understanding of Search Engine Optimization. Even though it is not as connected with web development as the rest of the courses, it will help you to understand why clean and well-structured code is so important.

A lot of people learn SEO and Brand management just for the purpose of having a full picture,

By mastering this course you will now be able to not only build a beautiful website but make sure that it reaches Google’s number 1 page in search! And all that in just 8.5 hours of intense training.

Responsive Web & Mobile Development in HTML,CSS & Javascript

Building a website is one thing, but building websites optimized for mobile devices is a horse of another color! That’s why you should take the time to check out this useful course that will help you to understand the benefits of optimizing headings, building responsive websites, and creating full mobile support utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript environments.

The entire course is around 2 and a half hours long, and it is a necessary addition to the skillset of every web developer.

The Complete WordPress Website Business Course

We can’t really imagine website business without mentioning WordPress. This powerful CMS environment is the most popular solution available to people who wish to learn how to build websites without actually involving in any programming.

Nevertheless, if you are a web developer, it is completely worth it learning how WordPress functions. Building WordPress themes is a great way to make money. Over the course of 21.5 hours you will learn how to install themes, setup WordPress, build and migrate websites and themes, and a lot more.

Best Web Development Courses in 2020

WordPress is the most used CMS system today, and a lot of websites are built using it.

Excellent addition to this course is, as it will show you how to provide full support for WordPress websites.

Learn JavaScript for Web Development

For everyone wishing to become aprofessional Front End developer, this master course on JavaScript is a must. You have the opportunity to learn how to build dynamic and interactive web projects from a JavaScript expert.

JavaScript is an irreplaceable part of web development since it makes the entire user experience better.

Best Web Development Courses in 2020

Another important skill for every Front End developer is CSS, as it helps you to build beautiful web layouts.

Another fantastic feature of JavaScript is that you can even write back-end code in it. The possibilities are endless!

The Complete 2020 PHP Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

PHP is one of the most crucial skills for anyone who would like to become a Back End developer. Not only that, but the entire WordPress operates on PHP.

With that in mind, here is a chance to learn how to become a full-stack web developer and master PHP. Over the course of 49 hours of lessons, you will learn everything from the PHP basics to advanced programming.

Have in mind that PHP and the Back End programming require a lot more time and effort than Front End. However, if you do succeed in tackling this huge beast, you will acquire skills and knowledge that will secure you a fantastic job opportunity.

PSD to Responsive HTML5: Beginner to Advanced

Here is a nice find for anyone who would like to combine graphic design and web development. The “PSD to Responsive HTML5: Beginner to Advanced” course will teach you how to convert a photoshop design into a beautiful responsive website using HTML 5.

Web design is an inseparable part of every website, and if you know both skills, you will have better opportunities for finding work.

Best Web Development Courses in 2020 – delivered!

Becoming a web developer is a challenging process that requires a lot of hard work. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular professions today, and it offers fantastic benefits to anyone who focuses to learn it. With Google celebrating its 21st birthday there are many changes coming in the future. Furthermore, the number of websites will only grow, as well as the quality and demand of customers. With that in mind, use the given chance and check out these best web development courses in 2020, and propel your web developer career into a bright future!

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