BITMIR – Emerging Institute For Thyroid Imaging & Research

There are lots of training center in Bangladesh For Ultrasound. In Dhaka BITMIR is very famous for their institute and imaging research. Lots of medical students get benefitted each year from their training center. Their motto is ultrasound is next to stethoscope.

Since 5th January 2007, Bangladesh Institute of Thyroid & Imaging Research as a pioneer is providing ultrasound education, clinical care, and research. The Center coordinates the activities of several Medical Center and departments involved in diagnostic ultrasound & thyroid medicine.

Ramadan Calender by BITMIR

Ramadan Calender by BITMIR

The center offers doctors a 4 weeks /12 weeks/16 weeks/ 52 weeks educational programmed which includes:

  • Observing all scans done during the days work.
    Audiovisual lectures on important aspects and case studies. Most lectures are Power Point presentations.
  • 6 ultrasound machines including color and power Doppler.
  • Videos on case studies disease entities and interventional procedures.
  • Access to an excellent collection of latest Ultrasound books and journal
  • Hanson training with scanning machine on volunteers and patients.
  • BITMIR have the won Ultrasound and color Doppler book “Ultrasound & Color Doppler in Medical science”

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