Mycology Assessment Free Model Question 2


Today I came here again to test you mycology skill. It’s again about fungus now. Last time I published about Mycology Assessment Free Model Question 1. In that article, I publish the question from 295-299. I will publish the later episode today. 300. Each of the following statements concerning Cryptococcus neoformans is correct EXCEPT: (A) Its natural habitat is the soil, especially […]

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Dimorphic Fungus List


What is Dimorphic Fungus? Several medically important fungi are thermally dimorphic (i.e., they form different structures at different temperatures). They exist as molds in the environment at an ambient temperature and as yeasts (or other structures) in human tissues at body temperature. – Lange Review Microbiology Some fungi are dimorphic (i.e., they can exist either as yeasts or molds, depending on the […]

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