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Tree Plantation Paragraph Essay And Composition For All Students

Tree Plantation Paragraph: How do trees help us? How do they maintain ecological balance? What do we get from trees? How can we take care of them? Why should we plant trees? Trees are our best friends. Tree plantation is useful for the environment. Trees are useful to man in three very important ways. They […]

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School Magazine

Suppose, your school publishes a school magazine every year. Now, write a paragraph in about 100-120 words about the magazine by answering the following questions: What is the name of the magazine published by your school and when is it published? Describe its size, volume, and cover. Who are the persons responsible for its publication? […]

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Traffic Jam

Imagine, you were returning home from school one day. On the way, you got stuck in a traffic jam. Now, write a paragraph in about 100-120 words about your experience of the “Traffic Jam” by answering the following questions:- What is a traffic jam? When and where did the traffic jam occur on that day? […]