How To Earn Free Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency you can buy things or money using this crypto. By using Bitcoin you will be able to make online purchases and complete your transaction.

How to earn free bitcoins:

There are 3 ways to earn Bitcoin:
1) Mining (Large Investment)
2) Trading (Investment)
3) Working in Faucet Sites (Free)

How To Earn Free Bitcoin?
You will get many sites on internet search, but most of them are fake. Today I will share some legit sites which will pay you free bitcoin, even I am using those sites and getting free Bitcoin.
Here is the list:

1. CryptoTab:

It is the best bitcoin paying sites since 2018. CryptoTab has a web browser for computer and mobile devices. You will earn bitcoin using their browser. It will not make your pc or mobile slow down. Nowadays it is top on the free paying bitcoin sites.

2. Coinpot:

It is one kind of micro Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DogeCoin, Etherium coin wallet. They have some own faucet which is paying Bitcoin and other coins also. It is on the 2nd position in my review. Their payment system is slow they take 24-48 hours to make a payment. They have own faucet such as:

All are legit and paying Bitcoin and others coin.

3. Faucethub:

It is one of the best micro wallet and very much trusted wallet. There are many faucet wallets for I keep this site on the 3rd position because their rules are hard they can band you if you make any spam. They are also famous for their quick payment. It is also a legit free bitcoin earning site.


It is also a very trusted source to earn free bitcoin. You can earn bitcoin using this site. They have some own bet and gaming sites by completing a simple task on this site you will reward some those. It is the most used free faucet site. Once you registered on this site you will be able to earn free satoshi hourly by fulfilling captcha and by playing rolls.

5. Cointiply:

It is undoubtedly the faucet king. It was founded in early 2018 and growing very fast. This faucet allows you to claim 200 satoshis every 1 hour. You will also find some other option to grow your satoshi such as watching videos, click on ads, offer walls, browser games, etc.

6. Satoshilabs:

it is also a faucet site but legit. This faucet allows you to claim 5-15 satoshi every 5 minutes. This site allows you to increase your earning by making many tasks. Minimum withdraw is 5000 satoshi.

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