How To Solve Acne Problems

Acne problems can occur on any skin during adolescence. Fear of acne and adolescents begin to cooperate with various types of wrong methods, materials, and products. Apart from this, there is also a tendency for use of hand or nails on acne. The result is stained in the place of acne. Therefore, to avoid acne problems this time, it should be accepted by compliance with the rules.

To avoid acne, the skin should be kept clean at all times. Natural ingredients should be used. Afrin Moushumi, the proprietor of the Herbs Ayurvedic Skin Care Clinic, said the same. She gave some solutions to the acne problems of teenage girls. If you have too much acne, keep it with 1 teaspoon of green tea in 1 cup of water. When the extract goes out, make some paste it with by mixing some cloves. If you put that paste on acne, acne will remove very quickly.

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You can create facewash through natural ingredients too. 1 cup of Mung beans dry powder by mixing it with a quarter piece of cloves paste and 15-20 piece of Spunky leaf make blends and filled with glass jars. After coming out from the outside, you can clear the face with rose water. In this case, the acne that normally goes out and a small black spot of the mouth and the skin will become clear.

Aloe vera gel also works as a moisturizer. Take 1 cup aloe vera gel and mix it with the hot water and take out the juice. Then with this essence, mix 6-8 Vitamin E capsules with the juice keep it in a glass jar, that can be kept frozen for up to 7 days. Acne can be removed in regular use of it. Skin flavor and moisture will be under control. Often, the girls dry up the face by washing face excessive with facial wash. Acne does not cure; Rather the skin type changes.

Afrin Moushumi also said, “Acne occurs at this age due to hormonal factors. After 18 years, acne problems usually go away. However, it is better to take extra care if acne. Before sunrise, you can use a home-made sunscreen. In that case, conch and Multani soil powders can be mixed together. Use a moisturizer that has more water before going out. Now you can use this powder mixture well on the skin. As a result, Sibam Gland will not be opened and there will be no acne. But after coming home, you have to wash your face with a very good face of the house which I mentioned before.

During this time, due to dietary habits, the skin becomes oily because of this the Sibam Gland opened after opening the Sibam Gland. The bacterial infection occurred and acne comes out. Usually, in the adolescence skin becomes oily and acne occurs. The black spot also falls on the skin. So you should drink plenty of water. Bananas and peanuts should be kept in the food. Apart from this, native fruits, especially guavas, are very beneficial for this age and increase the skin’s fertility. Vitamin Season foods should be eaten regularly. Tomato is also very good you can keep Tomato in the boiling water and extract the juice drink this regularly, the skin remains lively.

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