How To Use Medium, Quora, and Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Use Medium, Quora, and Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog:


Medium is a great way to increase free traffic to your blog. While many people think that Medium’s greatest purpose is to make money through the “Medium Partnership Program” this isn’t the case in the long term.

The partnership is always changing. The algorithm may have been in your favor yesterday and helped you make a few hundred bucks but tomorrow it might change.

Instead, with Medium, you have a testing ground for your blog. You can see what types of articles are working in your niche and what isn’t. You can write articles and with the use of “footers” navigate that traffic over to your site (more on that a little bit later though).

Here you are getting in front of the people who are looking for your content. It’s been said that Medium is “Youtube for bloggers” and this is true. Here you are in a community of people that are looking for an exchange of ideas — so give it to them.

A plus side of Medium is when you’re able to acquire Top Writer status. Top Writer status builds the credibility of what you’re writing about. It’s almost like a badge that illustrates to your audience that Medium has recognized your expertise in a given interest.


Quora is short for “Question or Answer.”

If you’re a blogger and aren’t already on Quora answering questions, get on there now. Quora is a hotbed for people looking for answers to their problems. You’re going to be the person that can help them solve said problems.


I’m the top writer in the Self-Improvement category.

Again, a lot of people think the golden egg with Quora is through its partnership program. Quora will pay users for excellent question material. While this might be great in the short-term, it doesn’t have the legs to carry you through to a viable business over the long haul.

Instead, just like with Medium, you’re using this as a branding measure — to get your content in front of the eyes of people that are looking for it and using the content to drive traffic back to your site (again, a little later on this). You can see above that I achieved number one in self-improvement. This is a major branding breakthrough that helped me generate more traffic for my blog.

With Quora, not only are you presenting yourself to the world by answering questions to problems that are plaguing scores of people, you can make sure you’re diving into the questions that are most important. It’s essentially identifying viable markets for your products or services.

For instance, if you jump into a question that only has 300 views and three answers, chances are it’s not a problem that’s plaguing a huge market. On the other hand, if you’ve identified a question that has over a million views and 100+ answers, you can better your bottom dollar that there are countless people that are dealing with this issue.

You shouldn’t be discouraged by the onslaught of answers either. Again, you have a unique story and viewpoint to help offer a solution that differs from the other answers.

Some of my answers reach a great audience.

One last bonus of Quora is their digest tool and how that can bring you added traffic. Let’s say you wrote a killer article and it got a lot of views. Quora’s algorithm picks up on that and shares it with the community that perhaps didn’t get a chance to see it. This can really accelerate traffic. You can see in the image above how one of my answers was sent to 1,000,000 people and another was sent to 100,000.


Pinterest is an excellent tool to drive traffic. Even I use it regularly.


Before I knew how valuable Pinterest could be for driving traffic, I just saw it as a place to share recipes and different styles. Boy was I wrong.

Pinterest is set up as the world’s biggest idea board. Think back to the days before graphic interface and if you needed to get an idea out into the world, you needed a corkboard, pins, and clippings so you could visualize a product or idea in front of you.

Now put that on the internet for the entire world to see.

People are constantly looking for problems to be solved in their life.

Use a headline that pulls in a reader.

You can use pins on Pinterest to drive traffic back to your site and thus capture an email (we’re getting closer to how this is going to radically change your income). However, It’s a great way to increase your blog traffic.

The image above illustrates what you would see on Pinterest. Here, you are advertising your expertise in a specific area. In this example, I’m illustrating how to go from a novice/hobbyist blogger and converting that into a $100,000 business.

I’m making the claim (and it’s very important that you can live up to the claim) that I can show the reader certain strategies involved in monetizing a blog.

You’ll see I have the message, the headline (similar to an article), my logo (this is a chance to brand) and the image, which is a real-life situation would hyperlink.

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