Huawei Will Start Without Google

The hard way in front of Huawei. The Chinese tech maker is going to start without Google. Huawei’s new phone is coming without YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps. Huawei will launch the new Mate 30 smartphone in Munich, Germany later this month. This will be the Huawei’s first smartphone series after being blacklisted in the United States. Since being blacklisted, Google’s way of adding apps and services to Huawei’s new phone has stopped. The information was revealed in a CNN report. The business of Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, and the world’s second-largest smartphone maker is being pressured by US-led propaganda programs.

The United States last May banned various US companies from selling equipment to Huawei. It shut down the business of Huawei’s various appliance providers, such as Intel, Micron, Qualcomm and software partners Google and Facebook.

Huawei’s side had already fixed the issue and stored the hardware. But they couldn’t do anything like that in the software. The Mate 30 Series was not in the US even though Google had licensed the phone for some models before blacklisting it. The news agency Reuters reports the first Mate 30 series to be unveiled.

Huawei VS Google Cold War:

Huawei’s mantra to succeed now – make Android alternatives successful. The company has already created an alternative operating system for Android. But Huawei officials say the Google ecosystem, which includes the Android operating system, is their first choice. However, they have prepared the ‘Harmony OS’. Huawei introduced the new operating system last month.

Without Google services in the eyes of market analysts, Huawei’s approach will be challenged. If the Mate 30 series is open source with Android, it will not have YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail or Google Play Store. Without these services, the smartphone will lose consumer interest outside China. Most Google apps in China are closed. The White House looks forward to renewing Huawei’s renewed license to the US trade war with China.

Ben Stanton, a researcher at market research firm Canalis, says Huawei will have to face the challenge of selling new smartphones without Google’s services in the European market. The question is, without Huawei’s app, is Huawei’s hardware enough to attract customers? Buyers will think enough in this regard.

Earlier this year, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said Huawei’s smartphone sales dropped by 40 percent the next month after the US ban.

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