Life in Dhaka – Must Read for New Tourist

Life in Dhaka; a must read for new tourist. You must read it if you want to travel Bangladesh and land in Dhaka city. Please read the details below.



At the airport

At the airport, there are taxis, and auto-rickshaws called CNG, but you have to bargain for the fare. They demand three/four times more than the usual fare, even more, when they see foreigners, especially Europeans. Taxicab services have been introduced but many taxis do not use meters and therefore you may be overcharged.


It is difficult to drive in Bangladesh if you have no experience of driving here. Drivers change lanes frequently. As a foreigner, you might find lane-changing without signals quite distressing. Many people do not follow traffic signals. Rickshaws and CNGs move in and out of a zigzag course and try to push through wherever they find some space. Moreover, pedestrians cross over whenever and wherever they wish. All these make driving in Bangladesh a nightmare experience.


Hospitality has long been a part of our culture in Bangladesh. Although many other things are changing now, people are still quite polite and friendly towards foreigners. They like speaking to foreigners even if they have not been introduced. It is quite common for Bangladeshis to ask personal questions about family, jobs, and income which visitors from overseas might find awkward. However, it should be understood that no harm is meant by such question – on the other hand, they express a genuine interest in the foreigner’s state of affairs


There are shops in most localities of small and big towns which sell both local and imported goods. There are some modern shopping centers with large department stores in the big cities while some air-conditioned, self-service shops have also appeared. In the local markets, traditional haggling is still rampant. However, if you are a foreigner, you do not stand a chance to win. Even if you have managed to reduce half the asking price and are feeling very pleased with yourself, chances are that you have probably paid double the normal price.

Transport system

The whole country has a fairly good communication network now. Anybody can travel to most places now by bus or train. The major cities have air links too. Some cities have regular flights, in most cases more than one flight, from and to Dhaka. However, time schedules are not often maintained strictly and there may be disruptions due to unforeseen causes.

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