Marking System Of FCPS Part 1 Examination – BCPS

The marking system of FCPS Part-I Examination of the Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons (BCPS) are as follows:-

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There will be no viva-voce or practical examination in FCPS Part 1. Candidates will be assessed by a written MCQ and SBA examination. Pass mark will be 70% in all papers.

There will be no negative mark for the incorrect response.

Out of the total of 300 marks in 3 papers a grand total of 210 marks will be considered as the passable mark. Candidates obtaining marks below 70% but above 65% in any one paper only and more than 70% marks each of the other two papers with a grand total of 210 marks in three papers will also be considered passable. Score less than 65 in any paper will be considered as fail despite total aggregate more than 210.

Pattern and total marks in each paper examination will be as follows:-

Type of question     No. of Question Marks

  1. a) Multiple True-False type (35 Questions – 70 marks) (question with 5 stem i.e.a.b.c.d.e)
  2. b) Single Best Answer (SBA) (15 Questions – 30 marks)

Each correct response will be awarded a positive mark of 0.4 for MCO and 2 for SBA. Each paper examination will be of one hour and forty minutes’ duration.

Candidates securing below 25% marks in each paper will be debarred from appearing in the next examination.

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