Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Full Drive Review

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso First Drive Review:

It’s no secret that Indians love their SUV. So it only makes sense that India’s largest manufacturer should cash in on the craze with its latest offering. we did see it as the concept couple of years ago at the Auto Expo and here it is finally in the flesh via S-Presso. The S-Presso follows the new trend of a slim grill that’s fitted with angular chrome elements and the Maruti logo emblazoned in the center. The air dam and the lower half of the bumper are blackened out it’s also a square off the bonnet and an upright a pillar with the strong wheel arches that give it the required SUV look. Here is the full drive review of Maruti Suzuki S-Presso…

The wheels are 14 inches but the large gap of the wheel. It makes them look small and the rear just looks like a hatch the stance is a bit awkward and overall I’m not a fan of the way The S-Presso looks on the outside but that opinion certainly changes once I’m inside the interior of The S-Presso is quite quirky and funky there lots of cuts and curves on this dashboard. It’s got body-colored highlights around the AC vents and around this attention-grabbing central part of the console which is very many like it houses the speedometer right in the center. You’ve also got the touchscreen info display that comes with apple car play and android auto below.

You have the manual controls for the AC and a lot of storage areas there also a lot of features. The safety front of The S-Presso is based on the hot tech platform which means it meets the latest safety norms. It also gets other safety features. First, stop sitting in the espresso. It’s a nice elevated seating position so you get a commanding view of the road and it does give you that SUV like feel but there is no seat height adjust. So, while this elevated position may be great for someone that’s my height. I think for taller people the top of the windscreen will impede in their line of vision. The seats themselves are comfortable and the cabin feels spacious.

The S-Presso has a reasonable boot as well for a car of its size powering the espresso is Maruti these beer six compliant 1 litre K 10 B petrol engine that puts out 68 HP and 90 Nm of torque it’s mated to a 5-speed manual and an AMT or a GS as Maruti liked to call it so. The S-Presso is the first of Maruti cars to get the bs6 version of the k10 engine and at the outset. In fact, this is one of the better EMT we have driven cutting through city traffic The S-Presso feels agile the steering is light to use in the turning circle is good so you won’t need three-point turns unless the road is really narrow as we headed out of Jodhpur and onto the highway.

The engine surprised us with its capability there – it breathes easily and it’s always ready to serve up power. But, out on the highway, the AMT does take its time now as you get out on open stretches of road. You will notice that the AMT just shifts up quite quickly but if you want to overtake something and you want a sudden burst of power you will have to press hard down on the accelerator. Because, if you’re gentle with the throttle then it tends to carry your gear and lose power before it actually shifts down. So gradual acceleration doesn’t work for quick overtakes you really have to push hard but even here the hesitation from the AMT is minimal and once you flow the throttle the shift comes quick enough. The other way around this is to flip it into the manual mode of course and then it offers to shift down on demand.

We did drive the manual car as well and we found that it felt quite different. The performance feels more sprightly for sure. We drove it both in the city and out on the highway. Let’s begin with the way it felt in the city the manual is very easy to drive. Power is spread quickly you really don’t have to work it too hard. You don’t have to work the gears too much even in a higher gear. If you slow down all you have to do is put your foot down. It just gets a move on so easily but talking of gears even if you do have to work the gearbox. It’s light it’s easy so is the clutch so this is a real city-friendly car.

Although, the AMT is good and it makes city driving a breeze the manual would still be my choice. Because it does feel more responsive the fact is even in the manual you really don’t have to use the gears that much in stop-start conditions. So. it also feels effortless and if you do have to take the espresso out on long drives you will find that it is surprisingly good even out on the highways. It’s got more than enough power on the highway. You notice The S-Presso is a light car and it doesn’t feel tough but it’s stable and the steering also has good on-center field. So it inspires enough confidence to get up to triple-digit speeds and cruise comfortably.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Full Drive Review

The roads we drove on were dead straight but on the few longer corners we did feel the height of the car and the roll. However, I’m going to reserve comment on handling until we do a proper test. So, to sum it up the experience behind the wheel of The S-Presso is one that is quite pleasing. Now let’s find out how it is for passengers in the back as far as space goes the back seat of The S-Presso is quite roomy. The good thing is that the seat is also quite high up so there’s lots of space to stretch your legs out underneath. It, in fact, I can get my legs absolutely straight out the floorboard is flat too. So, there is enough space for the third passenger might be a bit of a tight squeeze with wise-4.

They are easy enough legroom for that third passenger what makes it feel more spacious is the fact that you sit high up so you have good visibility there’s a nice large window area. The roof is high as well now as long as you’re at low speeds. The right quality is really good bump absorption is nice. So it feels really comfortable but as you pick up the pace there’s a lot more vertical movement in this back seat and you do feel the firmness as well The S-Presso may not grab eyeballs but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. Once you get inside The S-Presso it impresses with its funky interior good quality of materials. But, it is a refined well-put-together product that comes with peace of mind of a Maruti badge. So if you’re in the market for a budget car The S-Presso is definitely one you should look at to buy.


  •  998cc
  •  Petrol
  •  Manual/AMT Auto
  •  21.4kpl – 21.7kpl

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Price List:

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Price List

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Price List

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