Samsung Galaxy M20s Coming Soon With Bigger Battery

Samsung is launching a new smartphone in the Galaxy M series. The new Galaxy M20s will have a larger battery inside the phone. The South Korean company used 5,000 mAh battery on the Galaxy M20 phone. The new Samsung Galaxy M20s phone has 5,830mAh battery. The Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 were launched earlier this year in the entry-level segment.

Samsung Galaxy M20sAccording to a recent report in the Netherlands, the SM-M207 model number will launch the next smartphone of the Galaxy M series. The new phone has 5,830mAh battery. This battery product code is EB-BM207ABY.

5,830mAh capacity is shown, but the capacity of the battery can be 6,000 mAh in the pen. The launch date of the Samsung Galaxy M20s is not yet known. In keeping with China and India’s budget segment, Samsung has launched this smartphone.

Samsung launched the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 in January. A few days later, the Galaxy M30 came to India. Galaxy M40 was launched in India later in June 2019.

The South Korean company recently announced the sale of two million Galaxy M series smartphones. The Galaxy M series smartphones can be purchased online only in India.

Specifications will be as M20 Except battery. (According to Rumor).

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