The Top 5 Companies Selling The Most Smartphones In 2019

Recent Counterpoint Research reports that there is a report from April 25 to June 20 that India’s smartphone sales and shipments have been updated. As in the second quarter, we will give you the opportunity to share our position in India

Where sub-brands – Oppo, Vivo, Realme and OnePlus take In China’s market share is 30%, but it does not matter. When has a 28% market share with Xiaomi top What is the Indian market share in the stock market, is the details you can see in the image of me.


After Xiaomi, Samsung is the second-largest holder in the list by 25%, and is currently available in the market, and is selling a range of smartphones. Vivo has the third position with 11% in the list. It is possible that they have decided to sell V1 as Y91 in India.

In this the next position realme, the last year’s sales of 1%, which is 9% Now. In this list of the fifth position is the Oppo brand’s last year’s turnover of 1% and is year 8% market share in the Indian smartphone market.

The list also has a lot of smartphone in India, like ASUS, HMD Global, RealmeX and OnePlus, have grown to a great extent. According to April 2019 quarter, total sales of 37 million smartphone units have been sold, which is a lot more than the previous.

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