Traffic Jam


Imagine, you were returning home from school one day. On the way, you got stuck in a traffic jam. Now, write a paragraph in about 100-120 words about your experience of the “Traffic Jam” by answering the following questions:-

  • What is a traffic jam?
  • When and where did the traffic jam occur on that day?
  • What did the traffic police do then?
  • Who suffered much?
  • How can this problem be solved?



Traffic Jam

Traffic jam is a long line of vehicles that cannot move or can only move very slowly for there is so much traffic on the road. It is one of the major problems of the towns and cities in our country. Everybody in the city people has to face this unbearable problem. The causes of traffic jam are many. The enormous increase in the number of buses, trucks, rickshaws and other vehicles is responsible for a traffic jam. In proportion to our population, roads have not increased. The density of populations is the main cause of traffic jam. At the office time and at the end of the office time, traffic jam is intolerable. I am a student of laboratory Govt. High School. Last Sunday, I was returning home from school. Then I got stuck in a traffic jam. Our house is at Laxmi Bazar. I am very much familiar with traffic jam. But last Sunday I felt out sort when I was at school. When our school broke. I hired a rickshaw. But when the rickshaw reached near Gulistan, I got stuck in a sea of a traffic jam. The jam was too heavy that it blocked a kilometer. Thirty minutes passed, the rickshaw could not move more than ten meters. I decided to go home on foot, but I was unable that day for my physical condition. I was hungry. It was intolerable for me. I noticed an ambulance carrying a patient trying to move ahead. The traffic police were trying his best to make way for that ambulance. After half an hour he was succeeded. Then he noticed the traffic jam on another side of the road. He tried to clear the road at his best but failed. I could understand how terribly the patients suffer getting stuck in a traffic jam. I can realize how it kills our valuable time and how it hampers our work and how it causes great sufferings to the ambulance carrying dying patients and the fire brigade vehicles. However, this problem can be solved by adopting some measure. Well planned spacious roads should be constructed. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced. Flyovers at the main crossing should be made. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly. Unlicensed vehicles should be removed. The number of rickshaws should reduce. Above all growing public awareness is necessary for removing traffic jam.

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