What is Electrical Earthing?

Electrical Earthing 1

Hi, today I will tell you about the Electrical Earthing. Which is so Important for the human body. Do you want to die?Who want’s to die? Nobody want’s to die. So please just connect Earthing to your all Electrical equipment.

If you don’t, You can die. Now I will show you what is Earthing.

What is Electrical Earthing?

Electrical Earthing 1
Electrical Earthing 1

Types Of Earthing

Types Of Earthing
Types Of Earthing


It’s a Simple Electric Wiring. it needs less to say that it’s looking simple but it’s the main original electric wiring.

Simple Electric Wearing
Simple Electric Wiring

we can see here
1. Socket
2. Fuse
3. Meter
4. Electric Pillar
5. Earthing Rod

Now I am going to tell you the important of Earthing. Earthing is so important of all kind’s of Electric and Electronic goods. it’s give’s long life. And very important is that Earthing save’s our life. because Electricity makes’s our life so easy and also very dangerous. it’s can take our valuable life. we can lose our life cause of Electricity .
like as electric iron. if we don’t use earthing at iron it can be body current . So please must use earthing which equipment’s body made by iron.

How to use earthing?

every house doesn’t have Earthing. Tomorrow you will take a 5 fit rod and it just put inside the soil 4.5” and connect wire. This wire is earthing. After that you can put everywhere this earthing cable.

like as the desktop computer,Electric iron,electric oven, water heater.

So please does earthing immediately if you don’t have.

Author: Jinjeera

I am Dr. Toufiq Hassan Shawon.

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