What is Good Choice For SEO?

What is Good Choice For SEO? Here are the Details:

Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, you will need to make your company seen! The best way to do that is to make it appear at the top of the search engine result pages. And, by using WordPress, you will be able to do that as it one of the most SEO-friendly platforms nowadays. What is Good Choice For SEO? WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and was released to the public in 2003. Now, in 2019, it still continues to advance. Actually, more than 30% of the websites you see online every day are powered by WordPress. So, if you were wondering if WordPress is a good choice for SEO and your company, then the answer is – YES! Keep on reading to see what this platform has to offer. You need to understand what is the need for good SEO. You should choose Good content which is more SEO friendly.


The permalinks are the URLs you have on your site. By using WordPress, you will have two options:

  1. You can choose to go with the generated or the default permalink. This permalink will depend on your ID number and it will look like a combination of odd characters and numbers.
  2. You can choose to customize and create your own permalink, that is, your own URL.

It goes without saying that creating customized permalinks is a much better option if you want your visitors, as well as your search engines, to better understand what your post is about. Moreover, by using WordPress you will be able to completely control the content of the link. This option will bring many visitors to your site. Also, you will have the ability to scan your WP website on a daily basis which will give you an insight into Google Analytics.


If you are writing a blog post or creating a landing page for a School Magazine, for example, you must use a keyword your viewers are searching for. You should incorporate it in all the title tags, URLs and meta descriptions. This will help you increase your CTR a lot! So, depending on the type of site you are trying to create, you can install one of the many SEO plug-ins that are free and available for WordPress. With these, customizing metadata is going to be quite easy. And this process of customizing metadata of each page or post will only last a minute or two. However, if you want your metadata to be the same for everything, you can choose the option of adding metadata automatically. Simply, install a plug-in like Yoast SEO and it will automatically create your metadata by using information from the title and the first couple of sentences of your content.


Good quality images and the ones relevant to your page, blog or guest post, can really improve the look of your content and make it seem a lot more interesting. Moreover, images improve the overall readability as they break up the flow of the text. And if you want your content to get maximum visibility, you must optimize your images for SEO. WordPress gives you the ability to get SEO-optimized images quickly and efficiently. If you go to the ‘edit image’ option, you can add a caption and an alternative text. If you include your keyword into these two, you will get a much better ranking and online exposure. Also, if you want to improve your page’s speed, you can edit the size of the picture you want to add to your content.

Site Speed:

Site speed is, of course, not a ranking factor nor can it put your site on the top of the Google search. But it goes without saying that if the loading time of your site is high, your viewers will become irritated. This is even worse for those sites that are selling a product or offering a service as they will probably lose many of their customers and consumers and thus, money. Moreover, if you have a site that loads very slowly, know that you might get banned from Google. So, if you own a site like King Barber Shop that offers different saloon services, be sure that it loads quickly.

If you use WordPress, site speed is not going to be a problem. This platform loads everything quickly and efficiently. However, be aware of the fact that your site speed can also vary depending on which template you use for writing your content. But do not worry, whatever template you use, you can make it load faster by installing different plug-ins. One of the most common plug-ins for increasing the speed is the WP Super Cache plug-in.

Five-Star Security:

One of the ways to lose top ranking is to have your site suspected of spamming and infecting others with viruses and similar nuisances. Of course, even if your idea is not to do that, sadly, it is not going to be up to you. Unfortunately, there are many crooked people who want to hack your website, take advantage of it and use it for their own purposes. If that happens, you will probably get a Google penalty. Luckily, if you use WordPress, you will not find yourself in these kinds of situations. WordPress is a platform that is always monitored and improved. If you want to be extra safe you can hire experts like wpfullcare.com that will take care of your site.

Mobile Optimization:

We live in the age of smartphones and tablets. The number of people who use search engines only from their laptops and desktop computers has decreased a lot during the last couple of years. This means that all site owners must adapt to this trend. Do not worry – WordPress got you covered!. Moreover, when you use WordPress to customize your website, you also have an option that lets you see how your site looks on all devices – mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Never take mobile optimization for granted as Google wants to find a mobile version and adaptation of your site. This mobile version must have the same quality as the regular version. Using WordPress, you will get just that.

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